TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi

Implementation made Easy

You can now easily implement the TWAIN standard into any Delphi application with the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi. By using the VCL components included in this toolkit, you'll be communicating with TWAIN devices in just minutes!

This power-packed toolkit provides all the functionality you will need for changing the acquisition properties of any TWAIN driver. In fact, writing code for negotiating with a TWAIN device is as easy as setting the values of any of the extensive list of properties that are part of the main VCL component!

STI - Still Image

The TmcmSTI component enables your application to register with Microsoft's Still Image system through which it becomes "push-button" aware. This means that when the button Scan, Fax or E-mail etc. is pressed on the scanner or camera, your application is automatically activated.

No Limitations

Additional options are available if functionality is required to negotiate capabilities with a TWAIN driver that isn't already mapped to specific properties. If a property doesn't exist for a specific functionality you need, the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi provides two general purpose functions that allow you to negotiate any capability described in the TWAIN standard.

Why Use TWAIN?

The TWAIN standard describes a software protocol for communication between applications and image acquisition hardware such as scanners, frame grabbers, and digital cameras. The greatest advantage of TWAIN is that you will only need to write one code set in order to support many devices. By relying on the TWAIN standard, the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi can easily make your Delphi applications automatically compatible with the broadest range of imaging hardware.

Advanced Functionality

The TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi allows you to take full advantage of the more advanced functionality in TWAIN by making the complex things simple.

TWAIN Application
  • Show or hide the TWAIN driver's user interface during acquisition.
  • Communication with TWAIN drivers is performed in threads, allowing your application to perform other tasks while scanning is in progress.
  • Control the number of images to record in a session.
  • Selection of one or more frames (sub-images) on a page to be acquire separatly.
  • Support for scanners Automatic Document Feeder and Duplex scanning mode.
  • The included report generator, is used to store all communication between your application and a TWAIN driver during the development and test phase!

Data Source

The TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi includes a Project Template for writing TWAIN drivers for your acquisition hardware. The template takes care of all low level TWAIN communication, hereunder the different image transfer mechanisms. Application requests, such as resolution and color changes, are forwarded via a few simple method calls to your TForm class.

All that is required is adding the code that handles the hardware, and modify the user interface. The included sample data source shows how to write a fully functional TWAIN driver.

Imaging Toolkit for Delphi

The Imaging toolkit for Delphi provides additional facilities to handle your images and documents.
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